Child-Proofing your home

Have you ever walked in on your toodler and let out a scream because you saw him/her playing with something dangerous?

A needle, a screw driver, the extension cord, the light socket, glass or even fire! Or starting to walk down the stairs or drink from the toilet!

All these are things toddlers should avoid but do they know that? They don’t!

So it’s our job as parents to keep all these out of their way because even if we tell them to avoid these things, they probably will pick them up again before we even finish speaking.

Childproofing your home means ridding it of as many dangerous articles and objects as we possibly can. Trying our best to ensure that our kids can move about in the home without fear of walking into something that could hurt them.

To be able to do this, you need to look at your home through the eyes of your child. \see things the way he/she will see it. Don’t look at the charger as a phone charger, look at it as something they can trip on, or chew o or tie themselves with. Don’t look at your nail file as a nail file, look at it like a dagger they can stab themselves with. Don’t look at your dustbin as a trash can, look at it as something they can eat from!

So here are a few things you can do to start the process of child proofing your home

  • Remove all sharp objects, medicines and polythene bags and keep them out of their reach. A child can suffocate on a polythene bag
  • Try to ensure all wires are tucked away out of sight
  • No open flames around the kids
  • All roads to flight of stairs should be barricaded
  • Play areas should be rugged or cushioned in the event of a fall. (for people who live in all tiles home)
  • Doors should be left open or locks removed so they don’t lock themselves in a room with no way of getting out

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