Frequently asked questions after childbirth

  1. Why isn’t my breast milk flowing freely? – The first type of breast milk that comes in the first few hours after childbirth is call Colostrum. This breast milk is very essential for the general wellbeing of your new bundle of joy as it packed with many protective properties including anti-bacterial and immune-boosting substances. Colostrum flows slowly and in little quantity. This is nature’s way of helping the new born get accustomed to sucking and not over working the baby. After a few days and with a good amount of sucking exercises from your baby, your milk flow will normalize and you will have enough milk produced to take care of the feeding needs of your baby
  2. My doctor says I should not have a sitz bath. What do I do? Should I do it anyway? – You doctor probably has a good reason for asking you not to have a sitz bath. Not all doctors use the same procedures for delivery. If your doctor has asked you not to have a sitz bath, listen to him as your doctor may have used the kind of stitching that does not go well with sitz baths in your perineal region. Even though sitz baths are soothing and it looks like every woman that just gave bath is doing it, listening to your doctor is the best thing you could do for yourself because your doctor knows what is best for you!
  3. Should I start tying my tummy right after delivery? – This is a tricky subject. Some people swear by the tummy tying ritual women are encouraged to do after delivery but the truth is, tummy tying does not guarantee a flat tummy at the end of the day! Yes that’s the truth. Some women tie their tummies really hard and still the budge doesn’t g away while some women don’t tie at all and get back their pre-baby tummy in a few months! So ultimately, if tummy tying will make you feel better and put your mind at rest, then by all means go for it but know that consistent breast feeding and proper dieting does more to help you get your pre-baby tummy back than any tummy – tying can possible do.

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