Understanding your teens

Teenage years are a very confusing period for most people. For the girls -It’s the time when he breasts start popping out, the hairs start growing in certain areas, the menstrual period starts, guys start taking notice of them and they start loving the attention.

For the boys – its time when they start having a different, deeper voice, they start having some weird sexual urges, girls start appealing to them and they just don’t know how to handle all these.

It’s a confusing time really. As parent too, it’s not a very easy period because we see our kids becoming independent and not relying on us for every single thing. We see them making their points, having their opinions. To deal with this period, we have to understand that our teenage children are no longer babies. In as much as we see them as our babies, they are transitioning. So we have to accept that and let it happen.

Guiding them is best to do at this point rather than issuing out commands of dos and don’ts. Relating with them in ways that will pull them closer rather than send them away is our best bet at this time. Understand that they want independence, they want to be their own people and gently tell them that you understand  that’s what they want but that you love them too much to just let them dive head first into trouble. Assure them that you love them and want the best for them and that is what informs all actions you take concerning them.

Understand that teenagers are impulsive and help them think before they act.

Earn their ‘speak’ so you can understand what is going on with them. Don’t just be a parent when it comes to your teenage kids, BE A GUIDE!

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