10 reasons breastfeeding is good for mummy and baby

5 reasons breast feeding is best for baby

1) It is the most nutritionally sound food you can provide for your baby

2) It is easier for your baby’s little stomach to digest

3) It helps strengthen your baby’s natural defenses

4) It contributes to protect your baby from diseases

5) It helps your baby’s cognitive development

5 reasons breastfeeding is best for mummy

1) Breastfeeding helps you burn extra calories and lose weight {This, a lot of women will love}

2) It partly helps in better child spacing

3) It helps reduce the risk of breast feeding is and ovarian cancers as well as osteoporosis

4) It is incomparably practical and a unique, irreplaceable bonding experience with your baby

5) It saves money for your family {The cost of baby milk these days can buy an arm and a leg! }

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