The link between “Teething” and diarrhea in babies.



Baby is growing up real fast. At 6months he had already doubled his birth weight. She had thought that by this stage of his life, the stress of taking care of him would have gone down allowing her more time to do other things. But she had come to realise that by bringing him into this world she had sentenced herself to at least 10 years of hard labour, with each phase of the “sentence” coming with it’s own challenges.

She used to be a “Neatness freak” but these days she hardly found the time to do some real cleaning. Taking care of baby was taking so much of her time. And the task had doubled ever since Mama completed her Omugwo and went back to the village. She can’t even remember the last time she cleaned the house thoroughly.

Baby had started crawling, and can reach out considerably for his toys. That one, Oji ike eje Aba; before you could say Jack Robinson he had already crawled to Jerusalem! ” My Bobo can crawl for Africa ..ehhhh!”, she would always beam with pride. If there was a crawling competition in the Olympic Field and Track events, she was sure Bobo would win it.

All of a sudden this perfect life developed wings and flew away. Baby was becoming more and more irritable, crying every other minute, drooling saliva and putting everything he lays his hands on into his mouth. He was always scratching the gums as if they were itching him. He was her first child and she didn’t know what to make of it.

Then all hell let loose when he started purging. Nothing stays in his tummy any longer; it all went out as watery stool the same way it entered. 1,2,3 days !!! And baby was fast looking emaciated.

She couldn’t take it no more. The next hour Mama was already on a car, and within 2 hours she was in her house.

Immediately she arrived, Mama went straight to where baby was and started examining him. After some 5 minutes she had already made her “diagnosis”. She nodded her head, her suspicion had been confirmed. There was nothing to worry about, baby was JUST teething and as a result was having “Teething Diarrhea”.

Sigh of relief. And they all relaxed to allow the teething process take it’s full course.

Two days from then, baby was lethargic, almost unconscious, and a Doctor was struggling to get an IV line to save his life.


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