My job? I am a housewife

Online dictionary defines housewife to be ” a married woman whose main occupation is caring for her family, managing household affairs and doing housework”

That definition says “main occupation” right? Does that go to say that there may be a side or part time occupation too? I think that’s EXACTLY what it means.

I know this is a delicate discussion to have. Seeing as many women have decided on their own to be stay at home mums, at least until their kids get to a certain age. I usually applaud mums like these.

But i decided to write about this after the discussion i had with a friend a few days back. We were discussing PURPOSE: What purpose is and How one discovers her purpose. As the discussion progressed, my friend said something that got me thinking. She said “Some women actually think that being a housewife is a purpose. It isn’t. At all at all. They should get up and seek their purpose joor instead of just wasting their time.” We had a little argument about this and moved to something else. But what she said stuck in my head.
Does it mean that being a housewife isnt Job enough? Must every woman work? So women who have chosen to be stay at home mums arent living a purpose? These thoughts occupied my mind. I then realized what my friend really meant.
Women are, by nature, motherly. We naturally transform into wives and mothers as we get to those destinations and the “Job” comes naturally to us. We care for our family -husbands and kids inclusive, and do all that comes in between. It is who we are. But should that be ALL WE ARE ABOUT???

Should a woman, with all her qualities, attributes and intellect come and go without having to do anything else but take care of the kids? What happens when the kids are all grown and dont need us as much? Do we then start scrambling looking for what to do with our lives?

I know many women who are well educated, some even have Master’s degree – some have been told by their husband’s not to do anything. “I can take care of all your needs. You dont need a job” They say. Some, on their own, have decided to be full time housewives. They say they wouldn’t leave their kids to do anything else. But thinking about it now, there are many things one can do without really “Leaving the kids”.

I feel that women should maximize their potential while still being good wives and mothers. There is a lot of advantage attached to doing something on your own. It mustn’t be a big deal or a money making venture. It could even be a volunteer kind of job. Just doing something else apart from ‘wife and mother’ is very fulfilling and should be encouraged for women. Your husband may be paying you a great deal as allowance but you need to experience what it feels like to do something for yourself – independent of your family.
Women need to realize that they have a lot to offer and confining all that to just your family is somewhat selfish and doesnt even help you as a person. That’s why you find grumpy elderly women who go about looking for trouble in their son’s and daughter’s homes. Most dont have better to do!

So, while you remain that fantastic wife, mother and life coach for your family, sit down and figure out what else you can do on the side. To help engage your mind and brain, to make you a contributor towards the world at large and most importantly to give you maximum fulfillment.

Shout out to all wives and mothers – You all rock!

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