Potty Training Your Toddler

Potty training is a very difficult phase in the life of both mother and child. It’s so stressful that most times, the mother just gives up and goes back to wearing diapers for the child. That’s probably the reason you see some 3 – 4 year olds still going around in diapers.
The mistake many mothers make is that they fail to realize that to effectively potty train a child, the child needs to be both physically and emotionally ready for this process. Most children are ready when they are between 18 and 22 months of age, although this varies from child to child. The stress most mothers encounter is a result of starting this process before the child is ready for it
Signs a child is ready for potty training
Before a child can do away with diapers, he/she must be able to
• Control their bowel and bladder muscles. That means the child has bowel movement around the same time each day
• At least walk, if not run
• Have a dry diaper after a nap or have dry diaper 2 or more hours at a time
• Does not like having a wet diaper
Your child must be willing to cooperate with you and use the toilet when you direct them to it.
What you should NOT do when trying to potty train your child
1. Do not force the child: When you force a child to sit on his/her potty, they will probably oblige you, even if reluctantly , but they will just sit there, play until you get fed up and bring them out
2. Beat the child: When a child is being forced to be potty trained and severe measures like spanking are introduced, the child withdraws even further and you get zero cooperation. Sometimes, the child might even pee or poo anywhere but the toilet, while you are spanking him/her in a baby like attempt to be defiant to your harsh method
Like earlier mentioned, a child has to be emotionally and physically ready to be potty trained for the process to be easy and effective. So the child has to WANT to stop wearing diapers and also be ABLE to say “I want to wee wee” or any other word they use for urine or stool, or at least be able to give you a sign that they want to use the bathroom. If they aren’t doing any of this yet, it just means they aren’t ready yet. So you just give them time

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