What you must know before picking a school for your child

The choice of a school for our kids is one of the most important decisions we make on behalf of our children. This is because school is where kids spend the bulk of their time and this choice therefore, goes a long way to determine what kind of people they turn out to be. But sadly, a lot of parents don’t really know the important things to have in mind while searching for a school for the children. And so they end up picking a school for so many unimportant reasons like popularity and surface beauty.
This article is to help us know the important things we should look out for when looking for a school to enroll our children in
The search for a school for a child can be divided into two: Pre-search and During search

For this, a parent has to first determine
a) What sort is learner is my child and
b) What sort of parent am I
What sort of learner is my child?
A parent needs to determine what kind of learner their child because you want to connect your child to the sort of school that suits him/her. There are different types of schools: There are Montessori schools, there are schools that are science inclined, there are schools that tilt towards the entertainment arts & creatives and there are some that tilt towards the commercials. These tilt most times depends on the school owner or principal. That’s why you need to know what sort of person/learner your child – Is he/she a visual leaner or audio visual learner? Is she science inclined or more in the arts, or wants to do a lot of activities. Knowing your child will help you determine which school best suits him/her.
For a toddler who is yet to begin to show any inclinations, its best to look out for a school that will harness the child’s inner potentials. So you look for a school that is robust in their learnings. So the school should not be strictly one sided, they should practice a wide area of curriculum. Reading and writing, acting, singing, sports etc. This will help the child figure out what area they are comfortable with and incline towards that area.
What sort of parent am I?
The parent – are you a present parent? Are you very available for your child? If you are not very available then you have to look for a school that will offer long school hours and that will give your child time and learning in this extra time. Maybe lessons after school or activities to keep them busy till you get to pick them up

a) Location: It’s important for the school to be near home just in case of any issues. This is vitally important!
b) Security: The school needs to be properly secure. You need to find out what the child protection policies of the school are.
c) Curriculum: Ask for the curriculum. You don’t need to know about curriculum to ask about this but it’s important you know if the school knows what to do with your child. When you ask this question, the school thinks you know so they begin to communicate their ideas to you and this way you begin to see what they have in store for your kids.
d) Facilities: What facilities are available? A good school should have a field because sports and play is key to a child’s development.
e) Moral education: How do they teach the students morals? What is their character development program like? This is the aspect of education and learning that builds the children for self-sufficiency for the future so every parent needs to ask questions about this.
f) Safe environment: Their electrical appliances, the tables – round tables are better than rectangular tables because of the sharp edges, the toilets, are they age appropriate for the kids?

Common mistakes parents make when searching for a school

  • The notion that the more expensive a school is the better it is – this doesn’t follow through because some really expensive schools don’t take the time to hire good teachers and they don’t even pay hired teachers well. Which shows in the value given to the children. So NO, expensive doesn’t necessarily mean GOOD QUALITY
  • The notion that the more beautiful a school is or well decorated a school is, the better it is – This obviously does not ring true!

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