How I got hubby to get me the birthday gift I wanted

All women know how clueless most guys can be when it comes to getting the perfect gifts for their babes. That is, when they remember the occasion sef. Well, my guy remembers but always gives me crappy stuff like teddy bears and chocolates. Humph, those may seem romantic in movies (which is where he probably gets the ideas from) but for me, they are NO NOs! For starters, I don’t really like chocolates, and please, wetin I wan carry flower do? I be gardener?

Anyway, since he doesn’t have a clue, I have decided to buy him one. So last year, a few months before my birthday, I started dropping hints, clues, signals – “this stupid phone hangs too much sef, ah ah”, “if you see the phone that Joy’s husband got for her eh – beautiful! I wish I had that kind of phone”, “chei, where will I get money to change this stupid phone, its due for change”.

I dropped them hints every time I could in the weeks leading up to my birthday hoping and praying that he gets the message.

Birthday eventually arrives and the day flew by. No delivery guy came to drop gift for me at work.  I rushed home expecting to see something on the bed – Nothing. Kai! This guy no buy me anything o. And I didn’t want to sound petty by asking about a gift. It’s somehow na, abi?

So I kept quiet and by dinnertime, I was ready to blow a gasket! We ate in silence, I was mad!

Went to bed immediately after. A si dozed off, hubby came to tap me, “Go to the wardrobe and take your birthday gift. Next time, please tell me in plain language what you want. Stop dropping encrypted messages. I was just watching all your stunts since. I almost didn’t want to give you this phone till tomorrow to teach you a lesson in proper communication but I didn’t wish to be stabbed in my sleep. The way you have been stomping around all day”. LOL

Yeye man! He got the gist and got me the phone! I was so happy! God bless his heart!

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