My crazy neighbour

I live in a compound of 8 flats in Lagos Nigeria. When I moved into this compound with my husband, I was so happy. I always wanted a compound with enough space for parking cars. I have seen people who lived in compounds they needed to park on the street or they needed to park in a long straight line – one behind the other. So if you need to go out, you will have to go and call 3 or more neighbours to move their cars for you!

I didn’t want that and this compound doesn’t have that. So I was thrilled. Minimal contact with neighbours means that everyone will mind their business, right? WRONG!

Little did I know that in one of these beautiful flats lived a demon with his demoness wife! A family that can draw trouble out of thin air and make it rain!

Our first baptism of fire with them came one day we invited an electrician to come do some electrical work for us in our flat. The electrician had to go and hire a ladder – those really long ladders power companies use to work. On arriving in our compound, the electrician set down the ladder to get to work. He wanted to install a security light that will light the entire compound and part of the surroundings. My husband had noticed how dark the compound gets at night. As the electrician started to climb the ladder, my demon neighbor came out and said he wanted to drive out. Electrician removed the ladder from the way and waited for him to drive out only for Mr. demon to back his car up to the point where the electrician wanted to set his ladder, park his car there, lock the car and quietly walked back into his apartment! I couldn’t believe my eyes! The other tenants peeked out from their flats and made a sign to my husband not to engage him that he behaves like someone with a mental problem.

My husband is a calm guy so he started looking for another way to get his business done without confrontation. He figured out another way with the electrician and they started work. Just as they were rounding up, Mr. demon showed up again and threatened to push the electrician down from the ladder! Talk about living with an escaped mental patient.

Since that day, its being one issue after the other. If he doesn’t say you looked at his children with some kind of way, he would say that the TV in your house is bothering his sleep. He has gone as far as inviting police men to the compound to arrest a man for daring to bring a carpenter to mend his leaking roof! “How dare you work on your roof when I want to sleep”?

We live in a block of flats but we have issues like people living in the popular “face me I face you” setting.

So yeah, we live with a psychiatric patient!

I can’t wait for the day this man moves out of this compound, or better still, the day we move out of this compound into our own home.


(Story by – Frances)

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