My little adorable tantrum thrower

I have 2 children – a girl and a boy. The boy is a cool, calm person – doesn’t like being scolded and will cry if you scold him talk more of spank him. My daughter? A whole different story!

She is stubborn, loud and really tough skinned. She screams a lot. You scold her, she screams. You try to calm her down, she screams louder. She screams and screams until she grows hoarse. Then when I get too upset and spank her, she lifts herself off the ground and slams her entire body on the floor!

I hear of tantrums but my daughter’s kind is on a different level.

And she does this any and everywhere.

Home, church, school, friend’s house – doesn’t matter. She will slam her body into anything and everything. And she is so strong so it’s a struggle to try to hold her down.

I have tried all I can – I beat her, it gets worse. I ignore her, she screams herself into a fever. I plead with her, doesn’t help. I am actually at my wits end now. I have consulted psychologists who say it’s a phase that will pass as she gets older. They advise that, when everything and everyone is calm and playing, we should talk to her about the disadvantages of being naughty and the advantages of being calm and sweet. Work on her psyche.

So until that time that this passes, whenever she gets into this frenzy, I just lock her in an empty room. When she spends herself, I go in give her a bath and give her Paracetamol for the headache.

I didn’t kill my mother, so my child wouldn’t kill me, please.


(Story by Lilian)

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