Woah! Pregnant while on probation

I joined my current place of employ in sometime last year. When I was interviewed, I was asked if I was married, how many kids I have and how old my last child was. Then they asked me if I was done with child bearing and when I planned to have my next baby. I asked them why that was important for the interview and they told me, in so many words, that my probation period is 6 months and they didn’t expect a probationee (is that even a word?) to be nursing a baby bump. I assured them I wasn’t looking down that road just yet and that they shouldn’t worry. Little did I know!

I think they are the ones that jinxed it, honestly, because I don’t know how else to explain it. Just 2 months in, I missed my period. Couldn’t believe it, but it had happened. I was pregnant, the office rookie, who still was trying to impress her bosses and co-workers had fallen pregnant and will be spitting and throwing up in just a few weeks to come.

Chei! What do I do? I will lose this job for sure. Well, I managed the 1st trimester as best as I could, tried to do my job diligently and not miss too many days. Didn’t miss any days in fact. Would rather come and leave early than not at all. My boss noticed on a few occasions asked and I said I was fine. He probably suspected but how do you make trouble with a married woman for getting pregnant.

Well, long story short, I had to leave for maternity 11 months after I joined the organization. 11 months! Infact, as I was going for that maternity leave, I honestly didn’t expect my job to be waiting for me on my return.

I was waiting for a letter to tell me my services were no longer required because, face it, my 1st year with them wasn’t fantastic. I didn’t even wait to show them the stuff I am made off before I went and ‘carry belle’

So when I resumed after 3 months and my seat and table and computer where still there and my log in details still worked, I silently did a tap dance while shouting Halleluyah!

So from now on, I will make it up to them. I will work really hard and really smart. They have got to know they didn’t make a mistake not letting me go when I ‘violated’ our unwritten, unspoken agreement


(Story by I.O)

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