How i chased my brother in law from my home

Ever since I got married, my mother in law has made it a point of duty to make my life miserable! She has told me to my face before that I shouldn’t get too comfortable in her son’s house as she didn’t see me staying too long to reap where I didn’t sow.

She messes with my husband’s mind and he too sheepishly follows her every instructions. She spent about 6 months with me one time at the early time in our marriage. Those 6 months were like eternity. I didn’t have any form of joy in all that time. She didn’t eat my food, cooked for herself and her son. Constantly complained about any and everything. If her son goes out and buys some treats for me, she will raise hell about how “he wants to finish his money by mouth in this Lagos”. Just because she doesn’t like sugary things. But when he buys Isi ewu and nkwobi which she will eat from, she will be singing his praises.

Those 6 months were like living with a nasty 1st wife!

She eventually left. I remember what she said when she was leaving. She told me that she has seen how I allow her son waste his money in Lagos and that she will figure out what to do about it.

What she did about it was to send a spy to my house in the person of my brother in law. A teenager that recorded everything and reported back to base. My husband buys me anything, he receives a call from mumsie. He takes me out, a call comes.

She isn’t clairvoyant so I figured little bro was doing the reporting so I decided to take him out.

In addition to the espionage going on, he was also very rude. Eats and dumps the plate for me to wash. Sometimes doesn’t greet me and waltzes in and out as he likes.

I had to borrow myself brain!  I thought of how to get him to leave. Complaining to my husband wasn’t going to cut it. He wouldn’t do anything about it. Once I complained about the dirty dishes in the sink, my husband asked me how I expect a man to wash plate! So I knew I was on my own. I had to fix this problem myself.

So I decided, this is my house and I have a right to prance about as I wish. My husband comes home late so I started feeling very comfortable at home. Once I get back, I remove all my clothes and go and sit down in the living room to watch TV. Yes! Fully naked, save for my panties. Its my house right?

The first time he happened upon me, he almost fainted. He ran back out and didn’t come in until my husband came back. I did it again and again and again. He kept staying outside. Until one day, I overhead him telling my husband he wanted to go back to the village. My husband asked why and he said there was nothing for him here in Lagos. He couldn’t even say the reason. My nakedness was chasing him!

Well, he left. And I was so happy. Desperate times call for desperate measures, right?

This happened over 8 years ago, and till date, he can’t look me in the eye. I don’t think he told anyone either because he would get in trouble and who would even believe I did that? LOL

So, yeah, I chased my snoopy, rude, monitoring spirit brother in law from my home! Sue me!


(Story by Adaeze)

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