My colleague just got busted in employment fraud

I work with a para-military institution here in Nigeria. My colleague is currently fighting for his life (well, his work life at least) because of something that left us all speechless.

He has been busted for collecting money from unsuspecting members of the public who need employment and giving them false hope of employment into the institution.

How people fall for this kind of thing still makes me wonder, but truth is, till tomorrow, people are still swindled in this manner.

Steve (not real name) told these people that our institution is hiring but doing so on the down low. That since the Immigration stampede issue, many para military institutions do not wish to go through all that public recruitment hassle any longer. He tells them that there are a few openings within and that he can help them get in. Steve actually comes from the same place with the number 1 person in our institution and this is the final piece of fact he uses to convince these people.

His ‘brother’ is the oga so it is legit? How can it not be?

So about 6 people paid him – 250 thousand naira each. To get them employment into our institution. Immediately Steve received the money, he started playing hanky panky. Stories like “the person to sign the letter traveled out of town”. “Abuja has not sent the letter to Lagos”. Stories upon stories.

Until the husband of one of the ‘applicants’ couldn’t take it anymore and actually traveled to head office in Abuja to find out what was causing the delay. That was when he realized that there was no such employment going on and that Steve was just a lowly member of staff.

Military and para military don’t take kindly to having frauds in their midst so Steve was arrested and put in guard room for so many months until he could pay the people back. He would have been dismissed if not that he actually does have a relation in a high position.

So instead, he has posted out of Lagos, to a very interior location in one of the western states. He doesn’t have access to some of the perks one gets by being in the city. All he has now is his salary. Where he is now is a place none of us wish to be.

I honestly don’t feel sorry for him at all. How does one, in good conscious, swindle another person of 250k in this economy???

Good for Steve.


(Story by Josephine)

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