My super glam but really affordable wedding

I watched “The wedding Planner” while still in my teens and from that day on I secretly swore to have a really glam wedding myself AND also be a wedding planner like Jenifer Lopez! LOL

From that day onwards, I began to pay attention to weddings and its planning. With the advent and growth of Instagram, my obsession with all things weddings also grew – the colorfulness of the day, the photos, the cakes, the decorations, the overall heavenly vibe associated with most people’s big day. I wanted that for me – all of that and so much more!

And when it was finally my turn, I realized – my dream had to align with my pocket!

I almost went into a panic. How do I achieve the day of my dreams, within my budget? I knew I wanted most of the glam I see on Instagram and most other wedding websites but my pocket was trying to sing a contrary tune.

So I set to work. To draw up a budget and see what I could do to fit all my dreams into that budget

Photographer: I had seen the works of so many amazing photographers on Instagram so I set out contacting them. Some had their prices up up an iroko tree, while some others were quite reasonable. I finally got one who was right around what I budgeted for photography for my day and I engaged him. Trust me, this process of sieving good photographers by quality and cost took quite some time but I had to do it.

Pre-wedding shoot: I decided that I didn’t need to use a ‘destination location’ I will pay for to do my pre-wedding shoot. So I used my in-laws house. The pictures still came out really, really well and I didn’t pay a dime for the location!

Wedding gowns: Go online and see a flurry of divine looking wedding gowns! I knew I couldn’t forgive myself if my wedding gown isn’t a dream on that day. So I went a-searching! Have never understood the need some people have to buy a wedding gown. Why on earth will I buy a dress I will only wear a few hours??? I really don’t get that. So I went to one of those bridal shops on Jones Street in Lagos Island and found one shop that rents out really majestic wedding gowns. I spent just 25 thousand naira to hire my wedding gown and it was brand new, I was the 1st person to wear that gown!

Also, I had an idea of how I wanted my reception dress will be. Buying a dress like that will cost me close to 30 thousand naira, so I went to Lagos Island, bought the material and gave it and a sketch of the gown to my tailor. She made the gown and it came out so beautifully! For less than one-fifth what I would have spent on it if I had bought it ready-made!

While planning my wedding, I realized that – “Lagos Island is the friend to every bride to be who wishes to save cost”. No shame in going directly to the market to look for something for your big day. No jabbing any bridal shop o, but we all know that they can’t match market price! I also learnt that early planning allows you to really take time to negotiate well for services. You aren’t under any pressures and you can walk away from an exorbitant vendor and keep looking for a more affordable one.

So at the end, I had the glam wedding of my choice and I didn’t need to borrow money from anyone or owe my house rent to execute it!


(Story by Chisom)

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