My trusted simple guide to healthy and beautiful skin

Everyone who knows me knows I don’t joke with my skin and my beauty regiment. I love glowing, healthy skins and that’s why I started a career out of it. From the beginning of time, women have done all sorts to keep their skins looking young, fresh and smooth.

I have come to realize that one doesn’t have to look too far or spend too much to get healthy beautiful skins with these simple Do It Yourself tips I have found and come to love.

1) For a good facial scrub – The combination of oatmeal and lemon applied twice a week leaves the skin smooth and glowing. OR a mixture of olive oil, brown sugar and lemon juice can be used to gently scrub the face as well

2) To eliminate pimples, rashes etc. –  Mix rose water, lemon and tea tree oil and apply for a smoother skin. Rinse off after about 30mins. In addition, adding tea tree oil to bath water daily can help skin get enough glow and shine. It also helps get rid of foul vaginal odour

3) For a good body scrub – If u can’t get to the spa, mix granulated brown sugar with a bit of lemon juice.  You could add a few drops of olive oil and maple syrup too. Scrub your entire body after taking ur bath, then rinse off with only water.  This will remove toxins, dead cells and give room to fresher skin

4) For that stubborn single pimple – Sometimes, there might be one large pimple on your face, u just can’t stand. Don’t pick it as it will lead to black heads. Instead, get a cotton bud, put under hot running water. Apply d heat on d pimple, use some lemon juice on it. By morning, it would have disappeared

And if you see some pieces of your child’s crayon and you feel you would love the color on your lips, we got you covered. LOL

5) ‘Manufacturing’ your own lipstick – Convert your toddler’s broken crayons to your own MAC lipstick. Simply take the desired colour, melt with olive oil in a pan and scoop the mixture into a lipstick tube.

That’s all!


(From Tomi of Tomi’s Color Pavillion)

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