The day I was forced to have the gay talk with my daughter

When my daughter was still in primary school, primary 6 precisely. She came back from school one day all gloomy and moody. We are quite close, me and her. So I tried to find out what was wrong. What she told me shocked me to my bones.

She is in a school with Bunmi (not real name) the daughter of a family friend. She told me that Bunmi made her feel very uncomfortable in school together. How?

Bunmi had asked her to escort her to the toilet. Initially, my daughter had refused asking what she will be doing when Bunmi was relieving herself, but she gave in after a while. While in the toilet and after bunmi had eased herself, she came and touched my daughter’s breasts asked my daughter to touch her ‘southern area’. My daughter pushed away her hand and asked her what she was doing. Bunmi said she should just do it that it was ‘sweet’. Well, my daughter couldn’t figure out what will be sweet in that so she refused and that made Bunmi upset with her the remainder of the day and even make their other friends not talk to her.

I have had the sex talk with my daughter before but I had focused on boys. Needless to say that talk made me super uncomfortable, even though I tried not to show it. I couldn’t believe my little baby of just yesterday was old enough for the sex talk and I was so glad when it was over. I had absolutely no idea that I would need to have the sex talk too about girls!

My daughter asked me why a girl would want to touch a girl and I had to start telling her that there were people that have that preference. That sex in the world now isn’t only amongst a boy and a girl and that was all the more reason she had to be very careful about the type of people she made friends with.

I had to tell her that any kind of sex or sexual acts, with anyone – boy or girl – was immoral and she should not engage in any till she gets married (I really hope she waits that long).  With a girl, she may not get pregnant (which was a huge ammunition I had in my arsenal when we had our 1st sex talk) or contract a STD, but sin is sin and is wrong in the sight of God. She wants to please God, doesn’t she?

I thank God for the kind of child I have, she constantly wants to do the right thing. She doesn’t joke with what will please God.

I really pray she keeps this up even as she gets older.

I remembered this incident just to bring out the fact that parents have a lot to do in educating our kids on the world we live in today so as to prepare them for it.

God bless and help mothers everywhere!


(Story by Angel)

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