I am the breadwinner and i’m ok with it

I have always felt that whatever comes into a home, from whoever – either the husband or the wife, is God’s blessing to that home.

Even though I don’t condone laziness, I know that situations can arise that will make a person not be able to bring in something financially in the home. For so many years, for some strange reason, my husband’s business just refused to grow or even kick off properly. I worked as an accountant for so many years and in all these years, I was saving a portion of my salary because I knew I wouldn’t work for someone forever.

A few years ago, I decided to start a school from my savings. I started the school and had my husband manage it while I continued working at my job. He set that school up and when I felt it was up and running, I left my job to join in managing the school.

Right now, I am the CEO of the school and my husband is the managing director. It’s my school, my money, my dream. My husband gets paid from the income the school makes so in order words, I pay him salary.

All in all, I can be seen to be the breadwinner in our home but I am fine with it. If I don’t tell anyone the intricacies, no one will actually know who is what.

I believe strongly in marriage and the partnership it entails and so I don’t see the reason why it should matter who is bringing what into the home – as long as there is mutual respect, understanding and love between the couple.


(Story by Moji)

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