My idea of a fun weekend as a mother to 3 kids

At the beginning of the week in my office, before people settle into work, we swap stories of how our weekends were. What did you do? Where did you go? Where did it happen? Each Monday, my story is always the same – “I rested”.

Ah ah, which one be “I rested, I rested every weekend? Don’t you do anything else???” they ask.

Hmm, these people will not understand.

With 3 kids in the house, having a restful weekend is like going on a luxury boat cruise! It’s a luxury that should be savored when it happens.

My kids have the energy of 9 people, just between the 3 of them. Screaming, playing, having the TV’s volume to the highest, crying “He beat me. It’s a lie oo, I didn’t touch him”. “Stop it. Climb down. Get out”. Oh goodness! A normal day in my house is far from normal.

So on weekends, I show my kids my ‘other face’. “If you don’t want me to lock you up in ‘prison’ (an empty room), you better keep quiet and let me sleep”. And trust me, I carry out my threat if anyone disturbs me. That makes the rest fall into formation!

Una wan kill me?

I love sleep. I don’t joke with my sleep at all. So anything that will make me lose it, is not my friend. So while my colleagues at work are “turning up” from one club to the other and from one party to the other and from one friend’s house to the other, I am marrying and having sweet romantic time with my bed. I am having my beauty sleep. Alone. That is my idea of FUN!

This is a luxury most mummies will give an arm for.

I don’t take it for granted before I will ‘come and go’ and have wrinkles before my time!


(Story by Nwamaka)

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