My son is off to boarding school

I have 3 kids, with my son being the last. Ever since he got admitted into the school of his choice, we have been counselling V on life as a secondary school student in the boarding house.

I have done my research and sampled opinions of career parents of secondary school boarders and graduate secondary school boarders. We have prayed jointly and severally and I know it is well concerning him.

But nothing prepared me for the day we dropped him off at school, as we completed his clearance and got to the door of the dormitory area. Calmly but firmly the CSO cautioned us that once he stepped through the door he wouldn’t be allowed out again. We were not even allowed into the dormitory.

And so he looked up at his dad and hugged him and turned to hug me one more time (I’d hugged him like a gazillion times since he woke up today) and stepped into what seemed like a time machine. Tears (yes tears) welled in my eyes as we walked away.

I cried so much from his school, back home. I couldn’t believe him going off to school would affect me so much. Me? Tough, no-nonsense me! I am even shocking myself.

The house has been unusually quiet since he left. Waking up every morning without having to take him to school, not having him around to help me out with dinner options, not having him around to tag along with me everywhere I go. I really, really miss him.

His sisters don’t seem to understand what is wrong with me. I don’t understand it either. They ask “every time, V this, V that. Is V the only person in this house?” Good question. LOL.

He is my baby and now he is off to school and becoming independent.

I’ve been feeling a bit depressed since then but I’ll be fine.


(Story by Helen)

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