7 Common foods that could boost your sex drive

Sex is a crucial aspect of marriage. A great sex life in vital in having a great marriage. But sadly, lots of marriage are far from having a great sex lif. And so we have gone to research on ways to get the ‘zing’ back in the game. We found out the answer just might easily be in these foods below

1) Walnuts: We see hawkers sell this fruit in traffic but we probably had no idea of its benefits. Walnuts are good for the libido, especially for men. It aids in sustained erection.

2) Water Melon: This readily available fruit contains amino acids that help improve blood flow to the sexual organs

3) Onions: We all know about and use onions almost everyday but i bet you didn’t know that it helps improve libido in both male and female.

4) Garlic: This is in the onion family. A lot of people don’t like this because of its smell but garlic is actually believed to be a powerful aphrodisiac as it contains Allicin which improves blood circulation and by extension sexual performance as blood flow to the sexual organs is increased

5) Avacado: This fruit improves both male and female libido. It is rich in B6 which improves male hormone production and Pottassium which improves female libido

6) Peanuts (groundnuts): This is a great libido booster, especially for men, as it contains a chemical compound which helps improve sexual function in men by relaxing blood vessels


7) Dark chocolate: Almost every woman loves chocolates. What you might not know about chocolates is that it mimics the feeling of being in love. this is because it contains a chemical called Phenethylamine which could increase a woman’s desire for sex.

So stock up your snacks bar tonight and go get him! *wink*

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