I think my son was being drugged in school

My son is 23 months. When he was 20 months, I decided to put him in a school close to the house so he can begin to go out and socialize. Because before then, the only people he knew were his dad and I, my girls at my shop and my regular customers.

My son is a very, very hyper active person. He shouts and tries to talk a lot and also loves mimicking people. He actually calls one of my neighbours in my shop “I wee beat u”, which is what she always says to him! LOL

So you can imagine my confusion when my son started school and started coming home looking drowsy, barely able to stand, eyes and shoulders drooping and barely able to talk! I initially chalked it up to exertion. He just started school so he must have played so hard at school he can barely keep his eyes open. But I gradually knew that can’t be it. Exertion shouldn’t make him as weak and seemingly drugged as he looked every day.

And that was when it hit me, my son may be drugged in school. Even though the calm and quiet i experienced at this time was kind of welcome, i knew that this wasn’t good at all.  I took my suspicions to my neighbor, Aunty “I wee beat you” and she said she had been thinking the same thing too! My over active, playful baby was always completely out of it each day he gets back from school!

I didn’t have any solid evidence, so couldn’t go confronting the school with my allegations. What I sure had were sufficient knowledge of my son and my strong mother’s instinct!

I forfeited the school fees I had paid and yanked him away from that school.

Right now, he has started school elsewhere and is doing so much better. No more drowsiness or weakness after school. He comes home tired as he should be, not drugged!


(Story by Favour)

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