Times breastfeeding should be avoided

Once a baby is born, one of the best things for that baby is breast milk. This is because breast milk has so many advantages for the baby as well as the mother.
For the baby
It is the most nutritionally sound food you can provide for her, it is so much easier for baby’s little stomach to digest, it helps strengthen baby’s natural defenses and contributes to protect your baby from diseases and it also helps your baby’s cognitive development

For the mother
Breastfeeding helps burn extra calories and lose weight, it partly helps in better child spacing, it helps reduce the risk of breast feeding is and ovarian cancers as well as osteoporosis and it is a practical, unique and irreplaceable bonding experience with the baby

However, there are situations that make it very advisable for a mother NOT to breastfeed her baby. In cases such as these, breastfeeding should be avoided for the greater good of both baby and mother.
These situations are
1. Baby having galactosemia (a rare genetic metabolic disorder that affects an individual’s ability to metabolize the sugar galactose properly)
2. Mothers having HIV/AIDS
3. Mother has untreated active tuberculosis
4. Mother is infected with HTLV type 1 or 2 (a virus that causes a certain kind of cancer)
5. Mother is dependent on illicit drugs like cocaine, heroin or abuses other prescription drugs
6. Mother is taking prescribed cancer chemotherapy agents, such as antimetabolites that interfere with DNA replication and cell division
7. Mother is undergoing radiation therapies; however, such nuclear medicine therapies

If any of the above cases are present, breastfeeding should be avoided and baby should be formular fed to avoid issues that may arise.

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