The ‘Eureka moment’ that jolted me into my weight loss journey

Anyone who knows me knows I have NEVER being a slim person in my whole, entire life! From nursery school all the way to the university, I have been the bulky person in the class. I wasn’t fat, I was just big. With big bones and really big feet. 😉

But I wasn’t fat.

Fast forward to getting married 5 years ago and having my 1st child. I moved from a size 10/12 to a size 14. Not too bad, right. After that child, I tried losing the weight but before I could do any of that, baby number 2 raced right in!

So I packed on the baby weight back to back. After baby number 2, I was still deluding myself that I was a size 14. Hubby took me shopping one day as I kept complaining that my clothes were shrinking. Stupid fabrics, how will they be shrinking like this? Hahahaha.

As we entered the shop and the owner came to us to ask what we needed, I told her I wanted size 14 clothes. She asked me who wants to wear and I said “ME”. The woman looked me over and said “Madam, no be size 14 you go wear ooo, na size 18 and above”.

Whaaat??? Is this woman drunk? Who will wear size 18? What will I do with it? Will I wear it as a dress or as kaftan???

I got angry. Really angry. I turned to tell my husband let’s go and he asked that I at least check the clothes out. You know how men hate to walk up and down in the name of shopping.

So I obliged, but I went straight to the size 14 rack. Tried one after the other after the other. None went past my shoulders. It’s a lie? Who did this to me?

So I sheepishly followed the woman to the size 18 racks. And every dress she handed to me was my size like it was made specifically for me! I almost started crying.

Size 18? How did I get here? Where do I start?

That was my moment of truth.

So I bought some size 18 clothes and then bought size 14 and 12. I told the woman that I will be coming back for more of the 14 and 12 and she laughed. She probably must have heard lots of women say this. But I was determined. My husband was skeptical “Babe, are you sure you wouldn’t get enough of the size 18s. So you don’t waste money oo”. I told him not to worry, I will not waste his money. Those size 12 and 14 clothes, I will wear them in the next 4 – 6 months at least, I promised.

So I set out, searching for weight loss techniques and diets. Found one 28 day plan that eliminated all forms of carbs and just allowed you fruits and white meat. I entered the plan. Did it for the full 28 days (even though I almost passed out several times in the 1st week, but as the days progressed, I got stronger and more used to it)

After the 1st 28 days, I did the 2nd 28 and a 3rd. then I started introducing carbs in very small portions. Started walking more and paying more attention to what entered my mouth.

Gradually, I started picking out the size 14 clothes and gradually they began to fit. I was encouraged and continued.

Today, I am a very comfortable size 12. I don’t even wear 14 anymore. I have gotten used to my diet of leaves and vegetables that I don’t craze carbs anymore. I no longer feel like weight loss is punishment. It’s now a way of life for me.

I thank God that woman opened my eyes to see what I have been refusing to see in the mirror. Every time I go to her shop, she is still marveled at how far I have come.

I am too!


(Story by O.A)

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