Raising confident teenage girls in today’s world

For many parents, raising their children in a morally upright way to become responsible adults, is their dream and life’s mission. However, that dream is getting tougher and tougher and scarier and scarier to achieve as the days go by. What with the decadence that seems to have comfortably become the order of the day.
Parents are searching for help, for tips for anything that can help them raise wholesome children. Doubly so for girl children and especially during their teen years. Parents need guidance on how to be parents as well as friends to their daughters. So that they can guide them aright without being overly strict in order for the children to still want to confide in them
@raisingconfidentgirls on Instagram shared these tips on how to raise whole girls in today’s world – which they got from a parenting conference – and we thought to bring them to you, to help someone.
The tips are as follows (our own thoughts are in parenthesis)
• Spend more time nurturing their spiritual life (don’t let the world lead them their own way)
• Make the Word of God practical for them (the word of God helps keep children on track)
• Live by example. They are watching you. (DO what you want them to do. They mirror us)
• Tell them to give you the latest info on entertainment (Let them feel free to talk to you about these things. Don’t be too stiff!)
• Learn and play games with them (This would help them loosen up around you)
• Ask them about the latest fashion tips and ask their opinion (You will be able to discern what and how they think about this aspect of life. You can create learning points from your conversations)
• Fathers take your daughter’s out and show them the standards (A father is very critical in the wholesome development of a girl child. Always remember that!)
• Never shut down their ideas (Let them feel their opinions matter and is valued)
• Apologize to them when you are in the wrong (You are not too big to say “I’m Sorry”, you know)
• Never complain to them about your parental responsibilities (school fees etc. They didn’t ask to be born!)
• Deliberately treat your teen as you would like to be treated (They are humans too! With feelings)
• Keep an eye on what’s being downloaded on their computer (Ohhh! Do we need to say more??)
• Visit social media sites and get updated with the lingo (You REALLY need to! So you are not ‘lost’ when they speak to each other)
• Discuss sexual matters openly and honestly (Please, don’t shy away from this! DON’T)

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