De-cluttering your kitchen

The kitchen is a very important room in the home. It is where we make and store our food. The kitchen, for a lot of women, is a sacred place – a place where nutrition and nourishment is brewed for the whole family. But more often than not, this very important part of the home is often in dis-array, cluttered and packed filled with so many bits and pieces that are covered in dust from lack of usage.

This article inspired by Kikabila – an interior decorating company – is a very valuable piece that will set us all on the right path to de-cluterring and opening up our kitchen space in order for us to bring the shine, warmth and freshness back into this very special room.
We all can agree that, the kitchen is a very practical place, but most times we tend to keep more stuff than we need in this space. The kitchen is not meant to be used as storage space, where you junk in every item you don’t need. Please do away with those plastic containers occupying space in your kitchen, you can sell them to Plastic Collectors and it will be recycled.

So to create a neatly organized space, it is important that you keep what you use on a regular basis and store the rest away. It is also advisable to keep the items that you use together, categorize and label them appropriately i.e Break Fast Items, Condiments, Pastas etc
The tips below can help you organize your kitchen properly.

1.Ask yourself “Do I use this?” You don’t have to ponder this question for long, it’s either you use the item currently or you don’t! And please take note the question is NOT “Will I possibly use this one day. If you don’t use it, or haven’t used it in the last 1 year, then chances are, you don’t need it. It will be nice if you can gift this item to someone who probably needs it and will put it to great use! You can then rest assured that, someone is thanking you in their hearts somewhere, each time they use this item.

2. Is this item extra? How many wooden spoons do you really need? Evaluate what you need and use on a regular basis. And give the extras out!
3. Would I buy this today? This is an interesting question especially when looking at decorative items. Ask yourself if you still love it and if it is still your style. Is it adding beauty or function to the kitchen space or is it just adding to the clutter?
4. Does this help to make my life easier? There may be some items that you don’t use regularly, (because there is an alternative) but you still need because they help to simplify things for you. For example, we have a Pressure Cooker or deep fryer, which you use at least a couple of times per month. There are also those items that are used on special occasions – the really expensive china, the chafing dishes etc. You may need to build a cabinet to store away these types of “one time” event items.

If you would need help de-cluttering or re-decorating your kitchen, kindly contact Kikabila Interiors on Instagram @Kikabilainterior

Article inspired by KIKABILA INTERIORS
Edited by Amaka Obi

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