5 small business you can start with 10,000 naira

In the news, it is being reported that, a new initiative has been launched by the Government of the day, seeking to empower 2 million petty traders with a loan of 10, 000 naira each. A lot of people argue that this is almost an insignificant amount of money in today’s Nigeria. But the truth is that, this gesture will be a live saver for so many!
The situation is so bad that, at this point, every tiny drop counts. A lot of families need this amount to get back from the brink of helplessness and hopelessness.
And so, we went out to research small businesses people can start with a little sum like 10,000, to help someone find their way.

We believe that, this piece, sourced (and translated) from www.bbc.com/igbo is a very valuable resource to help people who need to survive and who just have 10,000 to jumpstart that survival
There are many businesses a person can start with the sum of 10,000. Here are a few of them:

1. Food business: People must eat! No matter the situation of the country, food is non-negotiable. No matter where one starts cooking food, there must be people who will eat that food. With 10,000, one can a small food joint – cooking things like rice, beans, fried plantain or frying akara with bread etc. The great thing with the food business is that, there is god profit in it and also, nothing goes to waste! One can eat any food left over from sales. A win-win.

2. Drinks and water: Nigeria is hot, mehn! The weather is mostly always hot and so people are mostly always thirsty. With 10,000 naira, one can start a small scale drinks and water business by a popular bustop or road junction. You could even ‘jazz’ up your own by adding other more organic home-made drinks like zobo, smoothies and fruit juices. Many people have been known to see their children through school and even open up other business only from selling drinks on the road!

3. Fruits: More and more Nigerians are being health conscious and trying to eat healthy. And so the fruits industry has seen quite a boom in recent times. The great thing about fruit business is that, there is always fruit to sell. When one goes out of season, another springs right up in its stead. Starting this business with maybe a twist of doing home delivery, will be a good way to start a business with 10,000

4. Small scale laundry service: Lots of working professionals have no time to wash their cloths, towels and other household clothing pieces. This is where someone looking to start a small business can come in. Going from house to house to ask people to let them wash their clothes and probably iron them as well is a good business idea you don’t need a lot of money to start. All you need to buy will be, a couple of washing basins, detergent/soap, water, a space for drying the clothes as well as an iron. This type of laundry service will cater to the millions who cannot afford high end drycleaner services but who are too busy (or even too lazy) to wash their own clothes!

5. Braiding: If one can learn how to make hair – braiding, fixing of weaves and making of wigs, this is a good business idea that 10,000 can kick start. You don’t even need a shop to start as many people will be grateful to have you come to their houses to make their hairs (home service). As long as you are good at the work, you would have a steady flow of customers and you will make your money. The more people you make, the better you get and the faster you get, the more money you make. All you need is really a comb and a few other odds and ends (as most people have their own hair care products which they use. So you probably wouldn’t even need to buy yours)

Source credit – www.bbc.com/igbo

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