Tips for buying perfect fitted shoes

If you ever will have the need to buy a pair of shoes, or you know someone who will, then this article is a MUST READ!

This article will help open your eyes to what you need to know and do before, during and after buying shoes. This is written from my experience as a confirmed shoe freak, who has had to endure lots of losses from buying ill-fitting shoes that were either too small, too painful or even too big!

This is therefore to help prevent someone out there from having this same issue.

To buy the right shoes for both you and your feet, ensure you

  1. Do your shoe shopping in the afternoon. This is because our feet naturally expand with use during the day and may swell in hot weather. So shoes you buy at this time would actually be the right fit for you.
  2. We all have 1 foot bigger than the other. Find out which of your foot is the larger one. So that, when buying shoes, you buy a size that fits the larger foot.
  3. Stand in the shoes when you test them. Don’t test while seating down. Make sure you have at least a quarter to a half-inch of space between your longest toe and the end of the shoe.
  4. Walk around in the shoes to see how they feel underneath your feet. Is there anywhere you feel pain? Any pinches? Do they slip off?

PS – DO NOT listen to the sales person who tells you “It’s tight because na new shoe. E go free as you dey wear am, no worry”. It’s a lie!!! I have ended up giving out so many shoes that didn’t ever get to “free” up. In fact, remembering some of them still kind of breaks my heart! 😥😥

  1. Do not depend on your “shoe size” when buying shoes. Actually test them out. For instance, I wear size 40. But most times, size 40 “dey fall my hand”😂😂. This is because, different brands have different size measurements and 40 for Zara may not be 40 for Nine-west.
  2. Feel the inside of the shoes to see if they have any tags, seams, or other material that might irritate your feet or cause blisters. I have worn shoes out before and came back home barefoot……. With a huge blister behind my feet!😫😫😫


With this few points of mine😉😉, i hope i have been able to help you with what to look out for as you go shoe shopping next time.


Hope you buy me a shoe to say THANK YOU for this 😛😛😛

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