Mrs. Stella Nwachukwu

Mrs. Stella Nwachukwu – WRT Woman of the Week! Nominated by Albert Nwachukwu

Mrs. Stella Nwachukwu is a School Owner/Proprietress
She is my mother and my warrior woman. I adore her and wish to celebrate her because she has proven to be a pillar of strength for me and my brothers even through dark days.
Despite having lost her husband and having to raise 5 boys singlehandedly, she has done this with so much grace, strength and courage – raising those boys to become men; 2 of whom already own thriving businesses.
She is ever ready to take on other person’s problem, ignoring her own issues to help others. She is very generous and kind and loving.
Mrs Stella Nwachukwu is our WRT Woman of the week!

(Entry sent in by Albert Nwachukwu)

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