Mrs Comfort Nonye Obi

Mrs Comfort Nonye Obi – WRT Woman of the Week! Nominated by Mrs Nonye Obi Omenye

I want to celebrate my Super Hero Mother. A mother with so much heart .One who has stood the test of time. She is fondly called “Olikaeze” by her children and family members. A jovial and ever cheerful woman .One who loves God and believes in his Will. She has been through a lot but never gave up on her dreams.

She got married at a very tender age and gave birth to 7 children. She lost her husband in 1995 and was 41 years. The oldest of us had just graduated from the University .Meaning she still had 6 of us to train. She single handedly trained us all with her restaurant business without help from any one.
She made sure we all went to school and became responsible .She woke up 4am every day to cook and prepare for the day.

I remember one time in Secondary school, I returned with my new school fees. I told her that my fees has doubled and she said “I have to return this lace I just bought because you must return to school when you resume”.

This statement has left a huge impact on my life and has kept me going. She has always been there for every one of us despite all the challenges she went through. She sacrificed so much to see us succeed.

In 2001, the first crisis in Jos, left us all heart broken ,our house was burnt down and we had to start all over again .I don’t know how my mother managed, but she pulled through. Again in 2008, another crisis struck and yet again she pulled through. I don’t know where the strength came from, but she made it through. God has been her strength and she, our strength.
She is my pillar, mentor and support system. Takes life one day at a time.
I love her very much and will always do. I celebrate her today and always.
God keep her going for us All, Amen.
Ladies, kindly let me introduce you to Mrs Nnonye Obi. (Funny I am her name sake)

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