International Women’s Day 2019 – A call for Balance

International Women’s Day is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. The campaign theme for this year is, #BalanceForBetter. This is a call to action for gender balance.  However, how do we celebrate our girls by the time they become women, when a lot of them are out of school?
According to ‘The European Institute of Gender Equality’, Gender balance means human resources and equal participation of men and women in all areas of work, projects and programs.
At WivesRoundTable, this month of March is our Motherhood month. So we have decided to encourage our mothers to also contribute to the promotion of gender balance.
Our message to mothers out there is to also participate in contributing to the theme for 2019’s International women’s day.  The theme once again is balance for better. How can you as a mother participate in helping our society achieve this balance?  How do you accelerate gender balance? We are not debating superiority of any gender. We are only asking for a society where both male and female are exposed to opportunities without gender bias, and are also given the chance to utilize these opportunities.
Even though it can be tough sometimes to cater to all the family needs, Please ensure that when your sons are going to school, you also let your daughters go to school. The essence of going to school is to get educated. Education is very key. It is an investment into lives.
We are aware that majority of mothers in Nigeria were brought up in an environment that gave more opportunities to the male than the female. An environment that favored the male child over the female child. An environment that passed a message of inferiority of the female child compared to the male child. An environment that preferred to get the boys educated because it felt like it is a waste of resources to educate the girls.
We have parents who still allow their sons go to school, while the girls are denied education. Some families in Makoko for instance, send their daughters to the market to sell fish, while the boys go to school. This shows that some parent place more value on their male children than their female children. Do we see why gender balance is important?
As a mother, ensure that you show your children that they are equal regardless of their gender. Let your daughter see that she is enough just like her brother is. The things you didn’t like while growing up as lady about gender bias should still not be condoned. Allow your girls to get educated, let them go to schools while their brothers go too. We are stressing education because we are aware that, it is a major tool that can help both boys and girls utilize every other opportunities that come their way. It does not matter that all your kids are girls, show them by example that they are equal to their male counterparts in the society. Let’s keep pushing for gender balance.
Happy International women’s Day.

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