Tips for building confidence as a woman

Confidence is key! For everyone, especially for women. In our world today where women have to literally, fight to get their due, confidence in a woman is a necessity more than just a mere add-on. Also, women have a lot of people looking up to them for guidance like their children and other family members.
We all need to build our confidence because confidence could be the difference between a life of success and a mediocre life.

Confidence is a belief in one’s self, one’s abilities – a perception of worthiness, of potential.
To develop confidence, one MUST FIRST believe in one’s self! That should be obvious, right? And sounds easy enough but the truth is that a lot of people do not believe in themselves, either because of their past experiences or because they are in an environment where they have been robbed of their belief in themselves.
Many women, especially in Nigeria, grew up hearing things like “You wouldn’t amount to anything”. “You are a mere woman, what do you know”. “Women don’t talk where men are gathered” etc.
Narratives like these have robbed many women of their confidence and self-esteem.

But the hard fact is – We cannot truly succeed without confidence! Without confidence, we may end up letting opportunities slip away from us or not even recognize opportunities when they come!
How does one build confidence? Especially, as a woman.

Let’s talk about a few ways to do this:
1. Discover your strengths: EVERYONE has something they are great at! Discover what yours is and nurture it. Doing this helps boost your confidence because you get to see first-hand how great a person you are and how exceptional. This will help you build believe in yourself.
2. Be intentional about personal development: Read, Learn about the lives of successful people. Chances are, you will find a few of these people who have overcome worse esteem issues that you are battling! This could help boost your confidence because you now know that confidence and success is achievable to them who venture. Developing yourself also helps build your belief in yourself about your capabilities and remember that BELIEF in one’s self is a major ingredient of confidence.
3. Try new things: Trying new things does a couple of things (a) It exemplifies courage because it brings you out of your comfort zone, thus giving you the idea that “Everything is Possible” and (b) It helps you discover strengths you may not have known you had!
4. Recall your past successes: Chasing are, you have been extraordinary at something in the past. Whether it’s in how you smashed an exam in high school, or how you singlehandedly nurtured your younger ones as the oldest sibling, or how you are the person many of your friends look up to for wise counsel. There MUST be something you have done exceptionally well before. Recall successes such as these, very vividly and keep them ever green in your memory. Recalling past successes has a way of making us feel good about ourselves and feeling good about one’s self is a sure route towards building confidence
5. Surround yourself with confident people: I bet you know a few people who you admire their confidence and healthy dose of self-esteem. Get close to these people and roll with them. You will be able to learn a thing or 2 from their ways and trust me, their confidence will also begin to rub off on you!
6. Do not compare yourself to other people!: This is one tip that people, especially women NEED to read, re-read and re-re-read! Lots of women keep comparing and contrasting themselves against other women! In this day and age of social media, many women have had their confidence crushed by what they see on social media. They feel inadequate, unworthy, useless even! Comparison is the hired killer of confidence. It kills confidence without mercy! STOP IT! Know that, everyone has a strength and everyone has a weakness too! You are as unique and capable as the next woman. You are as enough! Do not let the glitz and glamour you see online blind your eyes to your own awesomeness! Discover yourself and your strengths, use them to better yourself and your world around you and if it seems following someone on social media is causing so much stress to your self-confidence, please UNFOLLOW THE PERSON! Guard your heart, mind and sanity jealously

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