5 tips to build happiness in Nigeria

Can one be truly happy in Nigeria?

The truth is that, there are a million and 10 reasons for one to be sad, very sad in our dear country Nigeria.

From the extremely tough economy to high rate of insecurity to almost nonexistent power supply, to an incredibly different business terrain to absolutely no social support, to………………………..the list is endless!

It seems like everything in the country is designed to keep its citizens miserable.

That’s why, daily, we see people troop to different country’s embassies, seeking for an escape. A road to freedom and happiness.

But not everyone can leave. Even though everyone seeks happiness and wellbeing

The question then becomes, “Is it possible for one find and maintain happiness in spite of all the going-ons in the environment”?

Can one truly find happiness in Nigeria?

The answer is YES!

Yes, happiness can be found everywhere on the map!

You just have to look closely to find it.

Here are a few tips for how we can find and keep our happiness in a peculiar country like Nigeria

1. Make a decision to be happy! – Every great and beautiful thing starts with a decision. You need to decide to find your “HAPPY”. You need to make firm decision to recognize and embrace the tiny baskets of happiness that come your way each day. Because they do come, we just don’t pay attention to them when they do – the smiles from our children, that lovely meal you ate for lunch, that warm embrace from a loved one, that quiet time you craved and got – these are all occasions of happiness that we need to recognize and make a firm decision to appreciate.

2. Savor the happy moments: a lot of times, we are so much in a hurry! We are in a rush to do everything that we often ‘waste’ the happy moments. Happy times should be enjoyed, marinated and savored. That moment that makes you happy, pay attention to it. Stay in it for as long as you can and think of it even after it has passed. Seek to ensure your day is filled with more happy thoughts and bits of happy than not.

3. Create happy moments for yourself: we already know for a fact that, if we let it, the state of the nation and all going on within it, will ensure we never laugh again. So WE DON’T LET IT! We create our own happiness. Invest in things that make you happy. Create times that would make you forget about the country and its many challenges. It doesn’t have to be something grand. The little baskets of happy mentioned above can pass. Create many of these moments and watch your day fill up with happiness. Run from people, news, or issues that steal your happiness. Protect yourself.

4. Build strong relationships: our social circle has a big impact on our happiness and wellbeing. The types of people we keep around us determine to a large extent how our state of mind will be. So be careful, wise and unapologetic about this. Seek out and surround yourself with people who genuinely love you and wish to see you grow and be happy. Learn the techniques of keeping friendships (Oh yes, there are techniques to this) and share happiness with your friends

5. Count your blessings: Be grateful! Gratitude is the single most potent factor in the pursuit for happiness. Count your blessings, even the teeny weeny ones. Find happiness in the fact that these blessings have come your way. Learn to have grateful heart. Connect to God and ask for His Grace as you go on the journey. Live a life of gratitude.

We need to take responsibility for our happiness, even as we work towards a better nation. We cannot leave something as crucial as this to the elements.

If our nation wouldn’t make us happy, we owe it to ourselves to find and keep our own happiness.

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