Benefits of sports for children

A lot of mothers shield their children from engaging in sports because, well, we don’t want them to hurt themselves! Trust me, I know what that feels like. We want to protect them and keep them away from anything that could cause them to get a scratch, right? That’s what good mothers do, right?

Well, not really. The truth is that, sometimes, we need to let them fall down a little, so they can learn to stand well.

Sports is one way we can teach our children to stand well, especially in the journey of life.

There is so much our children can learn from engaging in sports.

On the Wivesroundtable Radio show, we had 2 sports enthusiasts, shared so much with us on the importance of sport for children. Who would have thought sport has more benefits for children beyond fitness for their bodies and fun for their viewing pleasure?

Well, here are some benefits of letting your children engage in sport. These are some of the importance of children participating is sports.

  1. Sport teaches children that it is okay to win and to lose. This is a beautiful lesson that reminds you that every day is not Christmas and life is not always a bed of roses. When children engage in football, they are prepared to keep pushing even when they face challenges. They learn to handle challenges right on the field, it’s not new to them. They learn to keep going no matter what. Children who participate in sport learn early that it is okay to not win sometimes, so they do not spend most of their time ruminating over the pain of not winning. They learn early that life does not always happen as you expect.
  2. Sports helps children build the skill of self-appraisal: Football for instance allows children to assess themselves after every match to know what they have done right, what they are doing wrong and how best to play their next game. This can be related to other areas of life, like in school, during exams (e.g. their test and result sheets give them feedback on how they have performed), future interviews etc. Sometimes, their coach, team mates or even spectators give their opinions on a child’s performance. This helps a child know whether he/she played well or not, what he should keep doing and what areas he needs to improve. Basically, children are inspired to go back to the drawing board. In sport, it is never a win or lose. Instead, it is a win or learn. Even in victory, children tend to look back and learn. For instance, they win a match against a team that they never thought they could win, this teaches them to never to look down on their skills and to never look down on others no matter how good they believe they are.
  3. Sport helps children to build resilience and hope for the future even in the face of defeat. You must have seen players who keep putting in the effort while the other team is winning, they keep going no matter how tough the game gets. Sport teaches them that, it is not over until the match is officially over.
  4. Sports teaches children the value of teamwork: Children like to have their own thing, play with their own ball and do as they please. But the beautiful thing about team sport is that, it teaches them that the whole unit has to function to achieve a common goal. Children get to realize everything in life doesn’t revolve around them. They also learn to look out for others and be supportive of one another.
  5. Sports promotes unity and togetherness: Sport gives us insight on what the world can actually be. We can have eleven players in a team, speaking different languages and they are going to still function differently and work together as a unit. Sport connects children, it brings about togetherness and promotes unity among children. Sport promotes collaboration no matter the race or religion.

These are very pertinent reason to allow children participate in sports, especially team sports. So make the decision today and give your children the opportunity to develop the attitude as well as the skills they need to succeed in life.

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