Improving your business and brand’s visibility on social media

A lot of businesses are struggling. Not just in Nigeria, but globally. There is just so much to juggle as a business person. And with the cacophony of noise out there, it is doubly hard to make a dent of visibility impact!

It’s even tougher still for women, who have to manage their homes and other responsibilities while running their businesses

This is why we decided to bring in professionals on The Wivesroundtable Radio show, to enlighten women on how to boost the visibility of their businesses on social media. For growth and success.

These are some of the highlights from that episode:

For businesses that are just emerging:

  • You are your No. 1 cheerleader, fan, PR officer and billboard! – As a newbie in business, who doesn’t have any budget for advertising or communication, you are your number 1 brand ambassador. You need to understand that your personal brand influences your business brand. If you are a woman who sells women suits for instance, it would be foolhardy of you to regularly appear scruffy and disheveled. You need to appear in line with your brand message and promise. Your personal brand influences your business brand.
  • Understanding where your audience reside is important. In order to understand this, do a brand persona for your business. Social media has made it easy to get your brand out there. However, you must know who your audience are, where they are located, what they like and dislike and so on. , what is the language they speak? What kind of lifestyle do they have? Despite the noises on social media, you should learn to rise above the noise by differentiating yourself from the crowd. For instance, if you sell female wears, Instagram would be a great platform to promote your brand because your business is visual and pictures work best on Instagram. You do not have to be on all social media platforms. Just figure out where your audience resides and take your message to them right there!
  • Be authentic. Start out original and be a total representation of what your brand is about. Make sure you stand out and stay unique. Your originality differentiates you in a world where everyone is trying to copy others on social media. So, stay original and make it easy for people to identify your brand every time they come across it.
  • Look out for strategic partnerships. Partner with someone that already has a mileage on social media and someone whose brand compliments yours. If you sell wigs for instance, you can partner with a photographer to use some of your wigs on her models so that you can get some mentions on every post your wigs appear. It’s another way to make your brand visible without spending so much money. While you’re strategically partnering, ensure that you take your time in building your business brand, so that when people get on your page, they meet something worth their while. Do the ground work, so that you have something to offer while your visibility is helping you get the attention of people to your social media page.
  • Your space on social media is like your real estate, make sure you secure a space online with your preferred name, do not wait too long so that the name is not taken before you make the move.
  • When it comes to services words of mouth and testimonials comes in. How do you extend your social media footprints? You should do that by addressing the pain points of your audience. If you address their pain points, it’s easier for them to spread the word you put out. Make sure there is a structure in place when people are now getting to know your brand. Make sure your service is fantastic, so that people can easily share the beautiful experience they had while they came in contact with your services. This gives your brand more credibility and you are leveraging on the word they spread about your brand.

And finally but also as importantly

  • Be consistent and have a content schedule. Have a content schedule but be flexible about it. Make sure your content is valuable to people. This content calendar helps so that you don’t get overwhelmed or run out of content to put out. Keep posting, you never know which of your content would go viral and keep the world’s eye on your brand.

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