Effective Time Management For Women.

We have twenty-four hours in a day and sometimes it feels like it’s not enough, especially for women, wives and mothers to do all that they need to do daily.

Because we are aware of how important it is for women to manage their time effectively, we decided to share with you tips on how you can manage your time as a busy mum. These tips were shared by busy working mums on the Wivesroundtable radio show, and we hope you find them helpful. Time management is a skill every woman should learn. Read below, how you can manage your time effectively as a busy woman.

Learn to delegate.  Trying to do it all can be overwhelming and can cause you to break down. Having so much on your shoulder can weigh you down. Being the one to pick the kids from school, go for shopping, do laundry, clean the house, monitor their school assignment and all that. In order to face what you can handle, it is important you outsource the things you can’t handle or the things that are not compulsory that you must handle. You can involves your husband , get a support system like hiring a nanny or asking a neighbor to help you out. Do what you can and don’t try to do it all because you want to be seen as a super woman. But in all you delegate, remember that some of your duties as a mum or a wife  can not be done for you.

Be mindful and intentional about your responsibilities. When you’re not mindful, you don’t even know what your tasks are, even when you have help, you don’t know what to delegate.  Write out the things you need to do . This helps you to know what your own responsibilities are and the ones you should outsource.  Listing out everything you need to get done also frees your mind, instead of trying to remember what do every next seconds.  So whenever you feel like there’s so much to do and you don’t even know where to start, write out what you think you are supposed to be doing but aren’t doing. That way, you can take it one task at a time.

Create a Schedule. After writing down your duties, add time to each of them. This helps you to know when each of your daily tasks needs to be done. Things may not always go as planned and that’s okay, but allocating time for each tasks makes it you more time conscious. Some women spend so much time cooking, especially ‘the stay at home wives’, and if care is not taken you’d realize most of your time is spent in the kitchen and you’ve achieved nothing tangible but cooking all week.

Pay attention to the little things. As little as having your bath can look,  it goes a long way in helping you manage your time properly. For instance, if you are a mum that works from home, treat your tasks as proper job. Carve out a space for yourself to work at home and while you’re done with house chores, having your bath and dressing up, you can sit to do your work properly. Having your bath very early in the morning means you have one less thing to think about. You don’t have to feel messed up when you remember it’s almost time for the kids to be back from school and you’re yet to bathe.

Managing our times effectively as women is very important. In all that you create time for never forget to create ‘me-time’ for yourself. According to Anthony Robbins, Once you have mastered time, you will understand how true it is that most people overestimate what they can accomplish in a year – and underestimate what they can achieve in a decade!


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