Leveraging new media for business growth.

In a growing world of social media, people are constantly building their digital houses online, and as a result, this has led to the increase in online businesses. For this reason, we thought to show you how you can leverage new media for your business growth and also stay productive.

Many of us have social media accounts on all social media platforms or on some of these platforms. We got two experts, an online business consultant and a productivity coach, to share tips on how we can leverage new media to grow our business. Here are some of the things they shared on how we can make the best of social media for our business;

Be strategic about the planning of your business. Mistakes a lot of people make on social media is that they don’t plan before putting their business on social media, they just go online without planning. You have to sit down and have a plan and strategy. There should be a strategy put in place for your business online. Do a detailed analysis of who should buy from you, i.e. people who get the most from your business. Have a plan, calculate the cost. How do I get these people that need my goods and service? Identify where your customers are and tap into that space on social media. Identify where your ideal clients hang out and what they are interested in, so that you can know where and how to communicate with them.

Create a Niche for your business. Niching down helps you focus on a particular demographics, especially when it looks like you are selling what everybody needs. Niching down helps you focus on a particular demography of people who needs what you are selling. This also helps you focus your marketing energy towards certain category of people that you have clearly identified. If you have been in business for a while, you can use those who have consistently bought from you to create your customer avatar. If you are new in business, you may have to rework your avatar and if your customer avatar is not working, rework it.

Work toward being productive. You have to be careful when it comes to being active on social media in order to grow your business and also making sure you are productive. Sometimes, we go on social media for business purposes and we get distracted by other events especially gist and stories that are entertaining. Then after a few hours, we realize we have not achieved anything meaningful with respect to our goals.

Be clear about your goals. As a business owner, you must have a level of clarity as to why you are on social media platforms. When you have a reason for going on social media, it helps to eliminate distractions.

Set time for your social media activities. Set for yourself the number of hours you want to spend on social media daily. This gets you intentional about doing what is most important to you before you exceed the time you have set. There is a way you can check how long you spend on social media platforms. Instagram and Facebook for instance, have this feature. You can also set the number of hours or minutes you want to spend on these platforms, you get a notification when you have reached the time set.

These tips are definitely going to help you as you become intentional about growing your business through new media. Remember to stay productive always.

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