Self care for Wives.

  Self care, especially for married women, is a concept that, thankfully, is being talked about a lot more in recent times.

For a long time, many women (especially the married ones) have been known to relegate themselves, their needs and their well-being to the background in the pursuit of care and well-being for their families.

This has seen many women harried constantly. So much so that there is a thing called “wife look” – which is in reference to the plain, far-from-chic looks many wives spot from day to day.

Wives need to know that, putting themselves into the equation, taking great care of themselves and doing things that promote their well-being can help them better fulfill their responsibilities – as a woman, a wife, mother, and so on.

Here a few things to consider when you want to achieve self-care.

1. Dedicate time to do the things that you enjoy. The things that arouse positive emotions in you. Activities that bring you joy, flow, peace, serenity, pleasure and so on. 

Don’t feel guilty about indulging from time to time. Remember that your well-being is for your good, as well as for the good of all your family. 

2. Rest from time to time. If you are used to overworking yourself, taking a little break sometimes can feel like you are not doing the right thing. But you know what? If anything happens to you and you are not able to do any work, the world would still go on. In all that you do, create time to rest. Rest includes having a good sleep. You can dedicate a day from time to time where you just sleep, eat and do whatever makes you feel rested. If could be watching your favorite TV series, listening to music or anything else that rocks your boat.

3. Find what fills your tank. This is what gives you energy and brings you joy. When women get too busy being there for everyone else except themselves, they often forget to fill their tanks. Most men on the other hand, make sure they engage often in the activities that fill their tanks. Have you seen men who love football? They know they love football and they take it seriously. In many houses when daddy is watching football, you know you shouldn’t disturb.

What fills your tank? If could be anything. It could be something others consider to be work, like cooking. If cooking and experimenting with new food recipes is something you enjoy, do it often. It could be anything. Painting, reading, recording video, editing videos, drawing, craft making etc. Doing what feels you positively is a form of self-care. It makes you happy and renews your energy. Stay away from things that dry up your tank. These are thing that drain your energy and keep you frustrated. One way to achieve this is to do more of what gives you energy. If you ever find yourself constantly feeling frustrated, check the activities you engage in the most and watch how you feel every time you engage in such activities.

4. Self-care includes making the right decisions for yourself even if it’s tough, because you know the long term advantage outweighs the inconvenience you may have to experience in the NOW. This decision may be for instance, exercising regularly and eating healthy meals or saying no to people that want to make their emergency your priority. Doing what’s right for you is self-care, even if it’s a bit hard.

The reward for self-care is not always short term, like feeling relaxed after having a massage or feeling good after getting your nails fixed. Sometimes, the reward for self-care is long term, like looking back on your journey and realizing the sacrifices and the not-so-easy decisions you made led to the actualization of a dream.

All on all, learn to do things that promote your well-being. No woman has a perfect life, but every woman can have a beautiful and satisfying life if she prioritizes her self-care.

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