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How to overcome low self confidence

“I usually have great ideas and suggestions but I find that I am so shy to share these thoughts or contribute to conversations in gatherings, meetings and other public arenas” 
“I don’t think I have what it takes to chase after the dreams I have. Me ke? What do I know kwanu? Who dash monkey banana?”
“I, most times, feel not good enough and so inadequate. I feel like everyone but me has it all together. I feel like the world is leaving me behind”
“I want to be more outspoken, more visible, more out-there. I want to be able to speak up when the need arises. I want to be able to go for the things I want, instead of sitting back and hoping they fall into my lap. I want all these but fear of rejection and fear of failure will not let me be”

“I know I have so much inside me. I know I am made for so much more than I am currently living. But I just get too scared to take any significant steps. I fear that I will fail”

Do any of the above sound like you?
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