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Soji Oyawoye

Certified John Maxwell leadership coach, Speaker, Relationship counselor
(Proficient in building Leadership skills and Relationships)

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Counselor’s Profile

Soji Oyawoye is a sunday school teacher, a family counselor, relationship management specialist, public speaker for single and married couples. He is a certified John Maxwell leadership coach

He has published several books, among which are “How to stay happily married”, “The other woman – How to protect your marriage” and “Marriage made in heaven”.

He also published a book on Entrepreneurship and another for discovering ones’ purpose in life.

Soji’s area of interest is in developing skills and best practice competences in managing business’ human and administrative assets.

He is an Associate Certified Outsourcing Professional (aCOP) of the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP). I have key skills in managing non-core staff for companies on an outsourced basis.

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