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Am i approaching menopause? Why is sex so painful now?

Original Posted by - Mosky I have never being a very sex-dependent person but i do enjoy a good sex outing once in a while. But lately, sex has been sort of painful to me.
Each experience now leaves me feeling bruised, even when i am very wet when the action is on.
Each time after the act, i have that peppery sensation down there for a couple of days before it subsides.

I am only 32 years old. I have been married 10years and i have 2 children. So it's not like i am virgin or anything. Please anyone ever experienced this??

PS - I have bought KY gel but i feel weird using it because I am actually wet during sex. So it is not like i am dry

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i'm also in this boat. anyone with a solution, please? Besides the painful sex despite being wet, libido is super low, like zero level interest in sex. This is really affecting my marriage.