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Amaka Obi

Welcome to the Ladies Lounge!

Original Posted by - Amaka Obi Welcome to Wivesroundtable's Ladies Lounge!


We, at Wivesroundtable, know that every woman sometimes needs a place where she can just be herself.
Somewhere she can let down her hair, throw up her feet, relax and pour out her mind and heart - without fear of being judged or having anyone turn their noses up at her!

We have realized that a lot of women bottle up so much emotions, so many questions, so much confusion and heart ache because they feel letting these out or sharing them with someone will expose her to ridicule or make her become a topic for discussion.
We also know for a fact that, bottling up is NOT healthy at all!

And that's why we created this ladies lounge - a place women can lay down whatever is bothering them, whatever questions they may have, whatever issues they want to discuss - do all these, without losing their privacy.

All you need to do to begin is sign up with a username of your choice and start a conversation (or join an existing one). That is because, one can only participate in any discussion, or start one when one hs signed up and logged in.

Let's help each other unburden. Let's help each other get to a place of understanding. Let's help each other learn, heal and grow Let's hold each other's hands as we go on this journey called LIFE.

We are women, we are AMAZING!


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oh my! how did you guys know that i have been looking for a place where i can just talk o! facebook is not it for me. i have so many strruggles but i just cant, because i have a lot of people who look up to me. i cannot let them see these struggles. it may make a lot of them give up or make me lose their respect.

Either way, i am so glad i found this platform. i can now unburden myself in peace. 😁



This is truly amazing! I will definitely benefit from this association and i hope someone will benefit from me too. Wivesroundtable is just what the woman needs... Thanks for the initiative. I am glad to be part of it!



Amazing initiative Amaka. I just checked in😚