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How Can I Source for Investors/Funds for my Start Up Business?

Original Posted by - Cheeq Hello Ladies. I have been thinking to myself, where and how can a lady setting up a start up company that will cost tens of millions of naira source for funds/investors?
It is a good thing to have a forum like this where we can all let our hair down and help one another as ladies. We carry so much burden and it's heavier when we have no one to share the load with us.
Thank you for this opportunity.

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You might not want to hear this, but you should start with what you have, where you are and then grow from there. There's also the option of Grants given to entrepreneurs whose business plan and record meet the requirements. So go online to find organisations or foundations who give grants to entrpreneurs in your field. Check the requirements and prepare your business to win the next available grant. Most importantly, do not despise humble beginnings. 'The young shall grow' slogan will apply to your business when you believe. Shalom🍉