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I am at the verge of cheating on my husband

Original Posted by - Amazon Hello everyone, I really needed to put this out there to save my sanity and maybe reduce the pressure i feel in my soul.

I am a married woman. I love my husband very much and he loves me too, even more. That's even why i cant understand why i am in this situation right now!

It's my colleague at work. We have been friends since he started working with us 5 years ago. Our freindship actually started from when i handled his orientation into the company and since then we have grown as friends. Thing is, since last year, the friendship is taking a different dimension.
We go for lunch together everyday (we used to do so before but not every day) and chat on skype like crazy!
We confide in each other etc. Last year, one day i worked late, he offered to stay and keep me company. When i was ready to leave, he walked me to my car and gave me a tight hug. Since then, hugging is now part of our routine.

I honestly know it's totally wrong, but i crave it badly. We hug, tightly for many minutes and that's it. But i feel his passion (erection) when we hug. and i also feel very aroused too.

I have tried avoiding him, it worked for a while until i bumped into him and i felt the paqssion all over again.

I dont want to cheat on my husband. but i love the feeling this man makes me feel. I have always said i would never allow any other dick enter me apart from my huband's dick ,after marriage. mainly because, i wouldnt want to start comparing dick and technique inside marriage! That will be disastrous!
I have willfully forgotten when my exs were like in bed and i dont want to have to have another experience that will make me start comparing my husband with another.

And then, there is the sin part!
I am so confused! why does something so sweet have to be so wrong????
Anyone had such experience before? What did you do?

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Hi Amazon My kindle advice is dat. Call d new guy in question and talk about all u are feeling about ur friendship with him, especially anytime u guys hugged. Tell him u love ur family and husband and above all u fear God. Tell him to advise u what to do. if he really value ur friendship he wouldn't scatter ur home.. Put him on the spot. And pls avoid both of u been together alone. U can talk to him over the lunch. U will see, for sometime he might not want to talk to u again dat is d flag for u to race, but if he does continue to talk with you, he will be very careful. God help u, i know dis kind of feeling is strong but u need to be stronger.



Hi Amazon. I think by now you have realized that opposite gender friendship is probably not for you. You need to take drastic measures. Like seeking a transfer, moving to another department/section, if all else fails, resign. It might seem too much, but the amount of value or premium you place on your relationship with God, integrity and your word that you gave as vows to forsake all others; will determine the decision you make at this point. And you need to make a decision as soon as possible before you find yourself getting quickies in the convenience or a car. Avoid the man like a plague because it doesn't help that the man is seducing you. Again my advice: seek an emergency transfer or resign. I hope he doesn't know where you live though. If he does, make sure you know who is at the door BEFORE opening the door. Pray for strength and courage to do the right thing. Break the soul ties between you and this man. God will help you this temptation in, Jesus Christ name. Amen.