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You have an opportunity to speak with a counsellor who can help give you clarity on whatever difficulties you may be having.

[ourteam type=”4″ img=”10578″ name=”Bankole Williams” title=”Proficient in issues of The Mind and how Mastery of our Minds could change our lives” link=”/counselor-bankole-williams”][distance]
[ourteam type=”4″ img=”10537″ name=”Modupe Wigwe” title=”Certified NLP practitioner. Trauma and emotional crisis coach (Proficient in Trauma and Emotional counseling)” link=”/counselor-modupe-wigwe”][distance]
[ourteam type=”4″ img=”10538″ name=”Nonye Martins” title=”Marriage/Relationship Counselor, Inspirational speaker, wife & mother (Proficient in marital relationships and Parenting)” link=”/counselor-nonye-martins”][distance]
[ourteam type=”4″ img=”10539″ name=”Soji Oyawoye ” title=”Certified John Maxwell leadership coach, Speaker, Relationship counselor (Proficient in building Leadership skills and Relationships)” link=”/counselor-soji-oyawoye”][distance]