Privacy Policy

We, at Wivesroundtable, understand the need for women to have some privacy especially online.

For this reason, Wivesroundtable is fully committed to ensuring our users and members have the privacy they crave and desire.

Wivesroundtable will NOT disclose your details to anyone or to any other platform.

Wivesroundtable will not abuse the trust you have reposed in us.

The Wivesroundtable space is a safe space for every woman who comes on board.

The Wivesroundtable platform is not like other social media platforms. Here, you have the rare opportunity of truly being yourself, letting down your hair, putting up your feet and letting out your thoughts.

We don’t judge. We don’t allow any judgement. We don’t allow any prejudice.

We are glad to have you on board!!