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Highlights Of WRT

Wondering what Wivesroundtable is about?

Wivesroundtable is an organisation fully committed to growing WHOLE women by

a) Giving her a platform where she can be herself. Where she can relate with other women seek their advise and counsel and also share her stories and experiences

b) Exposing her to resources, knowledge and opportunities that will help her excel in her family life, as an individual, in her relationships as well as her business and career

Wivesroundtable is dedicated to ensuring total well-being and wholesome living for women everywhere

Ladies Lounge

A hangout arena where women can discuss anything and everything that concerns The Woman, ask questions, get answers and have fun too!


You have an opportunity to speak with a counselor who can give you professional counsel to help you deal with whatever difficulties you may be having.

Informative Write-ups

An array of articles and information on different aspects of life and living, to help women learn, grow and improve themselves

maximize this opportunity

Meet a counselor to guide you on challenges you are currently faced with in your home, with your children, your life, your career or other related issues.


Gbemi Savage – WRT Woman of the week! Nominated by Opoola Ifeoma

Mrs Gbemi Savage is a mother of four beautiful children. She is a generous, beautiful and kind hearted woman who trained herself in school despite very excruciatingly challenging circumstances. She suffered unimaginable false accusations from which she was vindicated years later.
She is very hardworking, focused and a go-getter.
Mrs Gbemi has had to go through challenges that will leave many with their mouths wide open, but she still stands. Still keeps moving forward and keeps making those around her happy.
Mrs Gbemi Savage is our WRT Woman of The Week!



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