We empower women to Lead wholesome lives!

How we started

Back in 2009, a young, newly married woman realized that, women (especially married women) in Nigeria didn’t have a lot of platforms to express themselves – their thoughts, opinions, hurts and pain. She then started an online forum, which at the time, was called “womenforum” to give them a platform to so this. This forum packed up after a year due to some technical problems. 

Here is What We Do


Do you feel overwhelmed and in need of clarity? Do you sometimes feel inadequate, like you aren’t good enough or capable enough to do those things your heart desires? Speak to a Life and Confidence Coach.

Audio Recording Studio

Wivesroundtable runs a world class audio studio with equipment and software to give you amazing audio quality. Everything from Music to Jingles/commercials, Radio Drama, Radio talk shows and much more!

Our Radio & Television Shows

Wivesroundtable Radio & Television Show

An entertaining & educative talk show for women, to empower them to lead wholesome lives. Sports an array of relevant, valuable topics and discussion