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About Wivesroundtable

Wivesroundtable is a platform dedicated to ensuring Total Well-being and Wholesome Living for women.

It gives women a place where they can share practical and valuable knowledge, information and experiences with one another in order to educate, inspire, inform and motivate each other.

Wivesroundtable understands the need for women to have a place where they can meet and bond in peace, without judgement or prejudice and that\’s what we do here.

Wivesroundtable also presents as a radio talk show presently on 92.3 Inspiration FM Lagos, every Thursday evening from 8pm

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    How we started and how it's going

    Back in 2009, a young, newly married woman realized that, women (especially married women) in Nigeria didn’t have a lot of platforms to express themselves – their thoughts, opinions, hurts and pain. She then started an online forum, which at the time, was called “womenforum” to give them a platform to so this. This forum packed up after a year due to some technical problems. But the young woman had seen the need. The ache in the hearts of many women. She realized that women in general, needed an outlet to voice their thoughts, tell their stories and share their experiences.

    So in 2012, she resigned from full time employment and started the process of creating a radio show that will give women an opportunity to freely and boldly express themselves – speak their minds share their stories, to inspire and encourage other women.

    Wivesroundtable radio show was eventually born on Thursday 11th April, airing for the 1st time on 92.3 Inspiration FM Lagos, Nigeria. Over the years and with almost 400 episodes aired on radio, The Wivesroundtable show has evolved from merely a platform where women share their stories to a platform where women can get invaluable information on ALL aspects of life and living, to help them lead wholesome lives. The show now reaches over 150,000 people every week.

    Wivesroundtable has hosted over 400 guests from all works of life, and the show aired its 390th episode on Thursday 8th July 2021.

    Wivesroundtable Radio Show

    An entertaining & educative talk show for women, to empower them to lead wholesome lives. Sports an array of relevant, valuable topics and discussions.

    Audio Recording Studio

    Wivesroundtable runs a world class audio studio with equipment and software to give you amazing audio quality. Everything from Music to Jingles/commercials, Radio Drama, Radio talk shows and much more!

    TV/Radio Content creation

    We create high quality, original content for individuals, companies and brands for both TV and radio

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    To create of community of women who will encourage, inspire and motivate one another to lead happy, lighter, more productive and fun lives!

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