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We create of community of women who will encourage, inspire and motivate one another to lead happy, lighter, more productive and fun lives! firsts steps platform that enables free texting to all carriers.

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STV Network, DSTV Channel 252 - Tuesdays 5pm ITV Abuja Saturdays 6.30pm


92.3 Inspiration FM – Thursdays 8pm 98.5 Treasure FM – Mondays 6.30pm


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Wivesroundtable Radio Show

An entertaining & educative talk show for women, to empower them to lead wholesome lives. Sports an array of relevant, valuable topics and discussions.

Audio Recording Studio

Every ingredient comes from the most awesome places of Chicago. We serve only the best for you.

TV/Radio Content creation

We create high quality, original content for individuals, companies and brands for both TV and radio

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