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How to attract and maintain valuable relationships.

We all need people to be able to grow, thrive and succeed. This is why we should not underestimate the importance of having valuable relationships. Folakemi Taiye-Odesola shared some great insights with us on how we can attract and maintain valuable relationships, on the Wivesroundtable radio show.

Here are a few tips to help you attract and maintain valuable relationships.

Use social media as a tool to attract relationships. Before you do this, watch out for the content of the people you want to connect with, and how they interact online. When you are comfortable with their posts and online activities, you can then move on to interacting with them through their content. Like and comment on their posts that you resonate with. This way, your relationship can begin without being forced.

If you would like to be friends with someone online, support them. Let your admiration speak through your action. Don’t be a silent admirer, let them notice you. That way, the connection can begin. Do not just ask anyone on social media to be your friend. Check if you have similar values and mindset, then reach out. Shoot your shot! Keep doing whatever you did to attract the relationship and more.

Look for ways to add value. After you have connected with the persons you have always wanted to bond with, don’t let familiarity make you take them for granted. You may admire someone because of how valuable you perceived her to be, but also look to add value to her in return after the connection has been made. So that the relationship is beneficial on both sides and not parasitic.

Be sensitive in that relationship you have attracted. Some people go into a relationship without seeing the need to adjust the not so good parts of their character. They keep saying; that’s the way I am. But if the way you are is affecting your relationship negatively and this is not working for you, change it. When people complain about you, do not take it as an attack on your personality. Check yourself and put their pointers into perspective. Also do a personality test to show you the things you may need to work on.  

Don’t abuse access. To sustain your valuable relationship, you have to be careful what you do with the access you have to the other person. Because you have access does not mean you can act anyhow. Do not over do things, frequent phone calls can come off has an inconvenience. Give people a breather. Balance is key when it comes to maintaining meaningful relationships.

Pay attention to your circle. If there are people or association that is depleting you and not adding any value your life, this is the time to prune them. Also, if they are people you know would be valuable to your life, bring them in. Going on this life’s journey without people who are of immense value to us, makes the journey so much harder. Check your circle and do what is best for you.

Talk through your differences. Do not be too quick to block a friend over petty issues. We are all on this journey together, helping each other move forward. It won’t be wise to lose great people because we are not patient enough to hear them out or try to understand them. It is not only our spouses or close family members that we should try to hear out, our friends deserve to be heard too.

Valuable relationships are must-haves, but not everyone has them. However, based on the tips shared above, you can begin to attract and maintain relationships that are valuable to you.

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